About the Curriculum

About the Curriculum
Our school-based curriculum is designed according to the Education Bureau “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide – Joyful Learning Through Play, Balanced Development All the Way”. Through a variety of activities, we instil in children a love of learning, inspire them to be motivated, curious learners with an eagerness to learn new things, and help them develop good characters and moral values.


Teaching Approach
We focus on developing children’s language skills. Participating in the “Scheme on Early Language and Literacy Development in Chinese and English Language of Young Children” launched by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCHOLAR) allows us to trigger children’s interests in learning Chinese and English, help children understand the features of different languages and lay a solid foundation for children’s language development. We also adopt theme-based teaching and the project approach, coupled with the brain-based teaching strategy and early childhood mathematics activities, to engage children in life-wide learning, thus enhancing and consolidating their learning experiences. 


Class Structure
N1: 2-3 years old
K1*: 3-4 years old
K2*: 4-5 years old
K3*: 5-6 years old
*Half-day and Whole-day classes are available



Half-day class tuition fee: Free Whole-day class tuition and meal fees: The fees payable in a year will be collected in 10 installments  (The fees are approved by the EDB every tear) We are willing to assist children of needy families to apply for the EDB fee subsidy scheme.



The entire campus is air-conditioned with standard classrooms, a music/dance room and a library corner. Our classrooms are equipped with teaching materials for exploratory learning, teaching tools and audio-visual equipment. We also provide a variety of play equipment for developing children’s gross and fine motor skills.